Monday, March 13, 2006

So sorry...

for my absence. But I have little to report. I got sidetracked by a chemo cap. Then I started working on the Vine Lace Cardigan again--totally ignoring the baby blanket.

E.R. (my brother's son) was born this morning. 8 1/2 lbs, 20 inches.

I started yet another attempt at a different baby blanket last night. I think this one is it. I should have it done in the next day or so and it will be off in the mail. Pictures will follow.

More later...


At 10:07 AM, Blogger CPAknit said...

No need to apologize! Thanks for giving me the info on Celia- we have corresponded about Ene!
Looking forward to Sunday's yarn tasting!

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Latoya said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of the FO's.
Knit on!

At 6:34 AM, Blogger celia said...

congrats on being an aunt again


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