Thursday, February 16, 2006

5 Things in my Fridge

Cindy tagged me to list 5 things in my fridge. Oh, if I had ONLY 5 things in my fridge!!!

1) maple syrup--we had pancakes for dinner the other night!!!

2) homemade veggie soup--trying to be better. Its really good, too!!

3) orange juice--not a normal staple but I thought I would shake it up a bit.

4) Parmesan cheese--I have several partial wedges of this because everytime I'm at the grocery I can't remember if I have any at home!!

5) eggs--Margaret at Vulcan's Rest Fibers keeps chickens for eggs so I'm all the time getting handed cartons of eggs. Not all a bad thing!

Other than Cindy and Celia, I don't know of a lot of people who read my blog so, CELIA, list 5 things in your fridge, dahlin'!!

In other news...

I haven't done anything on the loom since the last report. This is not good! But I've gotten a few ideas of things to try so I hope to get inspired soon.

The baby blanket is coming along. I'm nearly 1/3 finished and less than a week to B-Day (birth day). But I don't think I ever intended for the blanket to be there exactly by then.

I had to order another skein of yarn for my Clapotis. That's 8 skeins!!! Ouch--expensive scarf/shawl. Well, at least I didn't buy it all (Thanks, Laura !).

The correct color of yarn for my Vine Lace Cardigan arrived and I casted on this morning only to have the needle break (Addi Bamboo US 1). So I bought another needle and am going to try again!

That's it--nothing all that exciting! Later....


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Cindy & Matilda said...

Since I just went grocery shopping the other day, here are some of the things in my fridge:

Light Cream Cheese, which my husband discovered after he ate his Thomas' Whole Wheat mini bagel (they're so good!) and said "We Had CREAM CHEESE?!!!"

Turkey Bacon strips which taste fishy :( and will probably stay in my fridge until they pass their expry date.

Water, because Portland's water is a bit too cholorinific!

Leftover fish skillet (today's lunch) Pan fry the following together: onions, potato, haddock and corn. Add salt and pepper, a little hot sauce and you'll forget that you're eating fish.

Is that five yet?

No, not yet...

A ridiculously small amount of ketchup, I should really throw the bottle away, but in hopes of getting every last bit, there it is in my fridge, hanging out upsidedown, jumping out of the door, each time we open it.


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