Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weaving Update

I love the way that the wrap looks when its all braided. We didn't have enough of the blue denim color so I chose a natural linen color for the edges and the hems.

Here I am threading the heddles. And I did it nearly perfectly. I only had 2 threads crossed out of 194 threads. Not too bad!

My friends, Bethany and Nicky, came over and helped me beam the warp.

So now Pierre is dressed, and TA-DA!!

So, I think I told you that I am using recycled blue jeans. I chose to cut them into strips about 1 inch wide. This is my question to any weavers reading it bad that I can see between some of the strips? Believe me, I beat it hard! I've looked into weighing the beater. The loom walks like crazy and I guess I'll have to bolt it to the walk.

I've decided not to continue weaving until I've addressed this problem. Its cool if I need to un-weave it and maybe I could even cut the strips a little thinner. HELP?!?

Now for the obligatory cat pictures:

Marmalade loves his mommy's loom. Jay says I can't get mad at them for playing with my yarn and loom. Its not their fault that my crafts involve the use of cat toys.

I mentioned they were calling for snow? My kitties are indoor only but Bonita use to be an indoor/outdoor kitty and still longs for the out-of-doors. We thought we would let her see what it was really like out there. She lasted about 5 minutes.

Ever noticed that there isn't any sailing content yet? Well, its winter! Duh! But just for fun I'll show you a picture from last year.

Pretty, isn't she?


At 1:28 AM, Blogger celia said...

Love your new loom. stop tempting me! i have no room for a loom!

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

You can cut the strips thinner, or roll them in half--there won't be space if they are the same thickness throughout. Also, make sure your warp is REALLY pulled tight. With your beater against the strip of cloth, change the shed before you push the beater back towards the heddles--it will help keep the strips in place better. When the warp relaxes off the loom some of the spaces will disappear. To stop the loom walking, cut pieces of the stuff you put under rugs to stop them from sliding and slip pieces of this under the front & back of the loom where it rests on the floor.


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