Sunday, March 26, 2006


I have finished the back of the green sweater (tah dah!). And I thought I would fool myself into thinking that this is actually going faster than it is by skipping (for now) doing the 2 front panels and jumping to the sleeves. Its just a YO, P2Tog "Purse Stitch," so it would go fast. Until I realized that my gauge is off which would not effect the front and back but can make doing the arms (because they are more fitted) a real problem. I figure I need to get the body done to figure how to get the sleeves done. UGH! So I went this afternoon and picked up another set of needles (I needed the longer cord to do the edging around the neck anyway) and will begin the front 2 panels at some time (TOMORROW!!). This pattern is written in that way that really annoys me (sorry, Sally). You know, do the right front this way (all spelled out) and do the left side "to correspond to right front, reversing all shaping and pat placement." Anyone have any suggestions or tips, I'm all ears! Well, it isn't like I can't so it, its just that its a lot of thinking and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed--a little under the wire to get this done. Seriously, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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