Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another distraction

I've spoken before about my knitting ADD. Well, I've come across another project to distract me from the Vine Lace Cardigan.

Its Reid from Besides the fact that I saw it online the first day and downloaded it WITH A MISTAKE and spent nearly all of knit night trying to figure out what was wrong with ME and why I couldn't figure out the chart, I'm lovin it. I'm making it for my to be 2 year old niece, L, for her birthday in July. I've chosen the light mint green in Paton's Grace for the main color but haven't decided on the edging.

And then I was talking to my dad and found out that my 4 year old niece, T, has rediscovered the bunny I made for her last Easter (from Debbie Bliss Toy Knits). Its her newest bedtime buddy and she even insists on going through the ritual of removing his sweater before going to sleep. SWEET!

I'm hoping to make the same Reid cardigan for T cause it is the perfect weight for a child living in the south.

That's all for now.


At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

I saw that sweater and fell in love with it too -
Maybe we can resize it for us adults!
Hey- I'm starting to come up for air!

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anne said...

Hey! I spun ujp all that lambswool you have me... Wonderful! Thanks so much...


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