Monday, January 30, 2006

Knitting in paradise...

Nuff said, right? Ah, doesn't it just make you feel warm all over? I like pictures like this (I've taken them before) to refer back to when I am FREAKIN FREEZING through the winters! Not so bad here in the mid-Atlantic as it was in New England, though.

So what did I do?

<--Well, this is me on day one. The beach area of Caribe Hilton is really, really nice. In fact, most of my time was spent by the ocean even though I don't consider myself a beach kinda girl.

Later that same day, decided I needed a change of scenery.

Here I am knitting my Clapotis. I think many people thought I was crazy for knitting by the ocean. What? How is it any different from reading?

Speaking of, I have to admit that I like to KIP (knit in public) partly for something to do while I people watch but also because I like to draw other knitters out to have a chat. Now, I have read where others that KIP and don't like the attention of even other knitters. I think there is just something wrong with that! However to each his own. Anyhoo, I was disappointed that the only interest I got from anyone was the last day in line at the airport when a fellow traveler noticed my knitting and was curious about getting needles on the plane. Sad.

Now back to the vaca. The food was absolutely unbelievable!!! Oh, boy, do I have some walking and other penance to do for that! But, oh, so good.

And we had a little brush with "fame." Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were staying at our hotel (???). One night J and I walked by the bar and saw them there. I'm ashamed to say that star gawking ensued--and we aren't even fans. Why is that???

Back to reality. I had a very nice walk this afternoon with Bethany and ViVi. I hope there will be a lot more of that going on from now wonderful, best friend from Oregon, Jennifer, just got engaged!!! The wedding is being tentatively planned for the beginning of May. I got a body to be working on!!! Yippee.... But I am very happy for her. Gage got him a good one!!!

Off to knit--a lot to do!


At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

Tanya- too bad Camp Stitches isn't in Puerto Rico or Florida or Hawaii or somewhere like that!


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