Sunday, January 22, 2006

Knitting intermission

Wanna see what I've been doing?

I took a weaving class back in November (I think) and completed that project within a day. Granted, it was a small man's scarf, but still! I quickly threaded the loom for this project and promptly forgot/ignored it.

A friend has offered to sell me her much larger loom so I can make sizable rugs. It seems to have gotten the weaving juices flowing again (and I'm trying to convince Jay that I will be serious about this).

So this is going to be Christmas placemats. I was aiming for 6 but it may just be 4 once I decide which are ok and which aren't.

Never fear, knitting is still #1 in my heart! But did you know that weaving is faster??? However, you can't beat the portability of knitting!


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