Saturday, January 14, 2006

A little about my family...

Woke up this morning to the second day of thick fog. If I didn't know better I would think I was back in Maine again. And I woke with a cold. I don't do sick well.

I mention in my profile that we have fur-kids. Well, I thought I would share a little history about them.

We adopted Bonita in the summer of 1999, a couple of days before we moved into our house. She was a "free to a good home" rescue kitten and I just couldn't resist the black smug on the end of her nose. She has a very distinct personality, as most cats do. She is referred to as the bitch often--but in a very loving way. She just wants what she wants, when and how she wants it. I swear that she could be heading to sit on her favorite perch and you could pick her up, take her to said perch and sit her there and she would jump down and run in the other room in a "pissy" fashion. But she is the one that will jump in your lap and react to a brushing in a rather erotic way.

Marmalade was adopted when we lived in Maine. He was also a rescue cat but had been in a kennel for 10 months. We were stunned at how scared he was at EVERYTHING! The first month we had him he wouldn't come out from under the bed! He has improved greatly but still has his moments that he doesn't trust you. I think that is a healthy self-preservation reaction. He is definitely MY cat. He follows me around and sits behind me on the couch or curls up around my head at night. He tells me when its time to go to bed and wakes me up in the morning by walking on my head until I get up ( recently read on Yarn Harlot's blog that she is having a similar issue. Good luck with that! I learned to live with it long ago.).

What made me think to do an entry about this is that I wanted to tell you about an interesting thing that happened a couple of days ago. I found the old quilt we had on the bed when we first adopted Marmalade and I washed it and decided to use it as a throw on the couch--my dear hubby likes to save on the propane bill, God bless him!. Immediately, Marmalade started blessing me with his constant presence RIGHT BESIDE ME!! I didn't get the connection at first. I thought maybe it was just another breakthrough with him--he has them occasionally. But when I realized he just hung out there more and more--on the quilt--I started putting 2 and 2 together. Sweet, huh? Its his safety blanket.

And, finally, a picture of my loved one, J. He is modeling a balaclava that I made for him. Because he never wore it, I sent it to my father. Honestly I don't think he wears it, either. Ah, well, you can lead a horse to water....


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