Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why I love to knit....

For the last few days my time has been taken up with the roll over from my old email provider to the new one. Boring and tedious!

But I finally got around to a baby blanket I had started last week, tore it out and started over. Its the Tumbling Blocks pattern from Knit Baby Blankets (Steege). Its only my first intarsia and its coming along SLOWLY. But this is what I love about knitting and why I think that this hobby will keep me, well at least my brain, young: I learned to knit and purl backwards! This was suppose to keep all the bobbins hanging down the back from tangling--RIGHT! It is fun, though. Pictures will follow once I get my camera battery charged.

In the meantime, it is Wednesday and this is a special day. See, I learned to knit when I lived in New Hamphire. Then my husband said we were going to move back to Maryland. I thought I was going to be sentenced to a life of Walmart yarn (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and buying yarn only off the internet (I find this sad because I like to feel yarn). However, a very nice person who's name escapes me right now told me about a yarn shop that opened near where I was moving. So I began hanging out there-- A LOT. Margaret is a sweety and her shop, Vulcan's Rest Fibers, is a God-send.

After the appropriate amount of time (read: immediately) I began the process of talking up the idea of a knit night group. She was hesitant at first--poor thing worked at the shop all day so why would she want to stay all night? She finally caved and we have a regular group of ladies that meet every Wednesday night for crafts (we have spinners, crocheters, rug hookers, weavers, etc), food and great conversations. Her are a few pictures:

I met Cindy (the knitting CPA) through this group, too. Speaking of Cindy, she posted a picture of the scarf I gave her: green corkscrew scarf. I was so pleased with how well it came out!

OK, let me get this "published" and I'm off to bed!


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