Saturday, January 07, 2006

Shout out

Is that even a cool thing to say anymore? Well, you'll soon learn (if you don't already know) that cool does not equal me.

I thought I would acknowledge those that I have included in my links list and why.

The knitting CPA? Well, she is my dear friend, Cindy, who has helped me to get even more addicted to knitting! She is an enabler--although she would say I am. She invited me along on the Camp Stitches New York weekend and I am hooked! We hope to go again this year.

Celia? She and I got to know each other over instant messaging about the Tempting sweater on We continue to converse about all things knit and more.

Paper Tiger Knits: Anne was my secret pal recipient from the Knitter Review this past year. I like to continue to keep up with her and her new job and new home.

Beautiful plumage: Laura was my oh-so-generous secret pal giver last year. What an amazing pal! Anyone would be lucky to get her! I hope to be posting pics of items I have knitted from yarn and projects she has sent me.

Cast On--just fun and relaxing. Hope you enjoy.


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