Monday, November 13, 2006

Rx for Knitalin?

I've talked before about my knitting ADD. Its bad and its rearing its ugly head again. Why can't I be satisfied with the half dozen projects I'm juggling now?!? Why do I have the need to cast on more?

The things I am currently working on (at least the ones I can think of right now):
1) K's blanket (and, yes, I could have it done TONIGHT if I could find that damn prescription!)
2) socks for J (doing 2 on 1 needle and I'm down to the heel flap but waiting to show someone else how to do that)
3) socks for a class I am teaching (so I have to have the cuff done by Thursday night, but does that deadline motivate me? well, only to cast on for something else)
4) the P90 tank for my mom (the entire back now that I've ripped out)
5) Jaywalker socks (JUST casted on tonight!!! OH BOY!)
6) Unseamly Sweater (crochet from The Happy Hooker)
7) Avast for J (although I was more intrigued with the cable on it right now)

And a few more things that I haven't touched in forever.

And then Vicki goes and shows me how she has cleaned up and reorganized her knitting area, which I so need to do!!! I started re-balling partial balls of yarn tonight, too. I guess this is a good thing, though, and I shouldn't give myself a hard time about that!

OK, well, best get going on at least some of these. My goal? Finish K's blanket tonight. I'll report back on how that goes.


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Lizzy said...

Just read your post about the Unseamly Sweater from Happy Hooker I had much the same problem. After racing along for about two thirds of the body I realised that it was far too small and started again. I gave up on it after having problems with gauge. I was using Rowan Calmer and think that if I ever try again I will use a yarn with a bit more stretchiness. I couldn't find many finished examples of this sweater but there is a thread about it on the Crafster site


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