Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where has the summer gone...

Like I said in the last post, I've been more obsessed with other people's lives than with posting about my own. I find them much more interesting (and for good reason!). But a few big changes have happened/are happening.

Probably the biggest change in my daily routine was my friend, Bethany, moving to England. That was no fun. However, my typing skills have improved due to AIM. More on that later.

Summer began and that meant that the boat went in the water. While we did get some sailing in, this summer was a bit of a bust by our usual standards. It was just too hot!! And J is working a lot these days...sometimes weekends were just full of things that had to be done instead of things we wanted to do. While having the boat near the house was a help, I think it was also a henderance. We were more likely to look out the window, take note of the temperature, and decide that it probably wouldn't be a good day; as opposed to when we drove an hour to the boat and would go out in practically any condition because, why not??, we are already here. We only got a couple of trips in--one of which was the PSC Rendezvous. That was fun to meet all these people that have boats like ours. Our largest shock was to see that we were one of the least "finished" boats there. Those PSC owners are ANAL!! :-)

My most exciting news has to do with something that is happening as I speak...I am about to become an Auntie twice more!! J's older sister, K, is currently in the hospital awaiting the birth of a twin boy and a twin girl!! I got some crocheting to do!!

Oh, and that's my other life...uh...addition (not change). I got be by the crochet bug BAD!!! Pictures will follow.

So, must get going. More on all this later--I PROMISE!


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